Welcome to the 4th Battalion Royal Foot Artillery 1801 – 1815

British Royal Artillery Shako Plate 1800 – 1813

British Royal Artillery Shako Plate 1813 – 1815

Our re-enactors are a collection of people who are committed to re-enacting life, as it would have been, in the 4th Battalion Royal Foot Artillery during the Peninsular War. They have many years experience in recreating the British Artillery of the Georgian era. They come from all walks of life recreating, as authentically as possible, the everyday life of the soldiers and their families within the Battalion. Our uniforms are the 1812 – 1815 regulation dress.

The Battalion participates in a variety of re-enactment events throughout the year; the living history element aims to provide an insight into camp life of that period. Men perform the soldiers’ role  ensuring their swords are clean, practice foot and weapon drill; this prepares them for going into battle. After this they are able to rest and recuperate. The women recreate life within the camp, their role is to support the men’s needs and tend to the sick and wounded. The Battalion has pioneered most of the safety procedures that other units use. Insisting on the safe practice of firing has enabled it to achieve an unblemished record of no accidents.

There are opportunities available to persons who prefer not to portray the life a gunner. However, they remain actively involved as they are able to use their own unique skills. Our unit caters for every member of the family whether you would like to be a gunner or soldiers wife there will always be a place for you within the 4th Battalion Royal Foot Artillery.